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KCRA A-List WinnerWe, at the Self Defense & Personal Safety Academy, specialize in and are trained and dedicated to teaching essential, extremely effective but practical and proper self defense training, safety awareness, street defense and protecting the innocent. No special strength or knowledge of martial arts is needed; one can train and learn regardless of age, size, shape or experience for the self defense classes. We believe that proper self defense should be and needs to be easy to learn, easy to retain, and relatively easy to employ during real confrontational situations. We are not trying to pass off a martial arts curriculum as self defense although we have extensive experience in many martial arts, close combat, street defense training and hold multiple black belts. Our techniques are designed to enhance your already instinctual gross-motor movement reactions when you are in a unexpected crisis situation or when faced with a real violent aggressor. We have fully padded instructors for our unique life like self defense simulations and qualified and certified black belted instructors for the martial arts belted programs. We provide all student safety gear. We have take home materials to review at home what you learned and all participants receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of any workshop or qualified training.

Our Head Instructor

Marc Gardner is a father of 5 and truly cares for the safety of others. He realized the importance of protecting oneself from attackers and predators at an early age when people close to him were victimized. He began his study through youth martial arts and wrestling. Being the oldest of 10 also taught him to always be aware of his surroundings and recognize potential violence and aggression.

It wasn't until he lived abroad in another country for a couple of years that he realized the only true way to be safe is to start from the inside with self-empowerment and confidence. As the years went by he started a family of his own and saw the importance of protecting them from the craziness of the world out there. He knew he couldn't be with them all the time so he wanted to teach them something that would train them to be aware of potential danger and thus keep themselves safe and live with that inner confidence.

Many years and black belts later, after training with some of the top experts in martial arts and self defense, including the Scientific Fighting Congress, The Family Safety and Self-Defense Institute, radKIDS and R.A.D.Systems, Blocker Academy of Martial Arts, Hapkido Law Enforcement, Jim McCann's Xtreme Freestyle Combat Sports Training, Robinson's Taekwondo, Twin Cities Martial Arts Academy, Fight Like a Girl, RapeEscape and others, being trained in Taekwondo, Combat Hapkido, Wrestling, Filipino Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mui Tai, Close Quarters Combat, Street Defense, various weapons and safety awareness he found just the right techniques that were essential for proper self defense. Creating an easy to learn program, he now desires to share with others that are in search for self defense skills.

Safety Awareness
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