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This program is about self-defense, not winning a fight. If you are attacked, your goal is to get away as quickly and as safely as possible. Your goal is not to win a fight, but to escape. Of course, in order to escape, you may need to disorient, distract, stun and even disable your attacker. You will learn well how to do that. But once you see an avenue to escape, get away!

This program is unique because it leads you through a variety of perspectives about self-defense. The best defense, of course, is prevention. If you avoid or prevent violence before it happens, you may never have to worry about using more physical self-defense techniques. By using common sense and being alert, you can minimize your risk of being attacked and at a general level; you reduce your risk of being a target of violence. We always begin by covering many areas of awareness and prevention, risk reduction and avoidance and common scenarios where attacks occur. We will train you how to recognize true threats and be prepared.

Unfortunately, even if you are the best in prevention, you still may need to practice self-defense. There are simply too many incidents of random, unprovoked violence - even in familiar and seemingly safe places (our schools, our homes, our neighborhood, our place of work, our hospitals, and our public parks). By being street smart to prevent incidents from occurring, and by knowing how to defend yourself if something does happen, you are more protected. There are still no guarantees in life, but you have done what you can to reduce your risk. If you have to engage an attacker, first strike above the collar bone and below the waist with techniques you will learn in our program.

Safety Awareness
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  • In addition to prevention techniques you will learn:
  • Actions you can take to distract, stun, or disable an attacker (i.e. strikes).
  • Vulnerable places on the body to strike an attacker (i.e. the groin).
  • Appropriate actions based on how far away the attacker is from you (i.e. long range, mid-range, close range).
  • Scenarios in which you may need to react (i.e. headlocks, chokes, bear hugs, tackles, grabs, somebody rushing
        you, etc), and how to handle them.

    Keep it Swift, Simple and Instinctive

    If someone attacks you, your life may be in danger. You must react swiftly and surely. The longer you wait, the harder it may become to free yourself. There is no time for social graces, or being polite and reserved. You must respond as the situation requires. Otherwise, your attacker may be able to restrain you so you can't escape, cut off your air flow (or blood flow to the brain), or take you somewhere without any witnesses.

    To be prepared for this type of awful situation you must get back in touch with your natural instincts. An animal - even if wounded - does what it needs to do to survive. It uses its natural weapons to make a stand. It strikes quickly and simply, with the weapons (usually teeth and claws) at its disposal.

    You must do the same.

    To get away from an attacker, you already have a set of basic weapons and instincts at your disposal. You don't need to carry a gun or knife. You don't need to learn complicated martial arts sequences. You don't need to know how to jump, spin, or kick in the air or how to do a figure four leg lock or complex arm bar or triangle choke. You don't need perfect, or even very good, form. You don't need to be large, or have previous fighting experience.

    React Quickly You do need to react quickly - in spite of all of the things you have been taught not to do. You need to leave your socialization and good manners behind and - as soon as you detect that something may be wrong - react. It is better to look foolish during a "false alarm" than to get hurt or even killed during a real situation in which you react too late. It is better to make a scene while a potential attacker is three feet away from you than to wait until the attacker grabs hold of you. In self-defense there are no wrong moves, so long as you do what you need to do to survive and get back to safety.

    Remember - When you are in a real situation, your blood pressure goes up. It becomes harder to think. You ABSOLUTELY want to have these moves be instinctive. See our Secrets to True Self-Defense section.

    Our self defense program is based on multi-sensory learning and reinforcing your instinctual movements and thoughts through verbal, visual and physical activities. You will feel self empowered and confidence when completing our course and be well on your way to harnessing those natural survival instincts to combat our greatest enemy of all: fear. Find our program near you by visiting our programs section of the website.

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