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Stop would-be rapists, stalkers, molesters, muggers, and bullies in their tracks! Personal Safety STOP would-be rapists, stalkers, molesters, muggers, annoying punks at bars, purse snatchers, & bullies in their tracks!   Read More about Danger Prevention
Safety Awareness
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We are a mobile training company and train all over the region for individuals, groups and company workshops. We are dedicated to teaching extremely effective but practical and proper self-defense & personal safety techniques. The techniques will give you the skills needed to survive an attack or fight to live no matter what your background is.
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ANYONE Can Learn Effective Self-Defense

Women's Self Defense

No special strength or knowledge of martial arts or fighting is needed for proper self defense, so one can train and learn regardless of age, size, shape or experience. We believe that self defense should be easy to learn, easy to retain, and relatively easy to employ during real confrontational situations, so our techniques are designed for anyone to learn no matter your background. We begin with awareness and prevention then we move on to the essentials of hand to hand defense training including defending from the ground and defense against weapons. We even provide each student with reference material to take home and always include realistic situational activities, not just theory and cognitive learning. We really make this a multi-sensory course therefore learning self-defense so simple and practical that YOU are in control if anyone confronts you.  

Safety Awareness
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  • Proper Self-Defense Training
  • Children's Safety Education
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    Self Defense

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